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To succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment, you must have the right knowledge.  The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) provides the licensing industry with the information you need to understand the full scope of the business – from basics to advanced topics.  Through ADD, LIMA is offering exclusive access to licensing professionals in India.  You can purchase one webinar for 99USD or purchase access to the entire webinar archive (over 70 sessions) for a period of 6 months for 500USD.  Should you purchase webinar archive access, you will receive a link for a password protected page.  Please note, this password information is only good for use of the webinar archive for that 6 month period.

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List of LIMA Webinars that you can Purchase!

Defining Terms of Engagement — Plans, Strategies, & Tactics
How Much are Your Brand Assets/Licenses Really Worth?
Building a DTR or Retail Exclusive
How to Build a Licensing Plan
Anatomy of a Licensing Agreement

Defining the Brand: Beyond the Obvious
What You Need to Know About Licensing in Mexico
Myths About Youth Marketing That Are Holding Back Your Brand
Viewing Licensed Goods at Retail and Online
What Outsiders Need to Know About Licensing in the EU
Building A Compelling Brand Guide
Gameplanning A Social Media Strategy
What You Need to Know About Licensing in Japan

What You Need To Know About Licensing In Southeast Asia
How To Create A Licensing Plan
Turning Social Media into E-Commerce
Preparing For and Dealing With Hot Markets
Anatomy of a License Agreement
Thinking About Cultural Cues
The Legal Side of Licensing
The Art of a Vision Presentation
LIMANET – Expanding Your Licensing Potential
How to Build a Licensing Plan
CPSC Update – Reasonable Testing Program
Anatomy of a License Agreement
When Bad Stuff Happens: How To Deal with a Brand or Product Crisis
Thinking Beyond the Obvious Brand Extension
Licensing in Russia

Fact-Based Forecasting
How to Work a Tradeshow
Identifying & Leveraging a Brand’s Hidden Assets
Licensing in India
Licensing in Brazil
Making Strategic Sense of Social Media
Insights on the Children’s Market
Long-Term Brand Extensions
Complying with Licensors Social & Environmental Requirements
Licensing a Brand in the International Market
Retail Strategies Beyond the Top 12
Special Entertainment Branding
Ten Myths About Youth Marketing

Regulatory Update – CPSIA, State Legislation and Europe’s Toy Safety Directive
How to Be a Better Licensor/Licensee
Developing an International Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Strategy
Case Studies in Corporate Licensing
Should I Take This License or Not?
Anatomy of a License Agreement
Sorting Through the Job Market
Shoes, Chocolate and American Idol: How We Used Social Media to Grow Our Company
Sustainability In Licensing: A Shift In Practice or Business As Usual?)
Internal Alignment for Social and Environmental Compliance
CPSIA / US Regulatory Update: Current State of the States
Operational Best Practices in Licensing: Protect Your Brand and Maximize Revenue
Should I Take This License or Not?
Managing Social and Environmental Compliance
Valuing Your Brand
ABCs of Creating a Style Guide
Art Licensors’ Top 10 Mistakes
Marketing to Teens & Tweens
Understanding UK and European Law

Preparing Your Art for a Licensing Program
CPSIA Update
Case Studies in Corporate Brand Licensing
Demystifying Market Research
Art Licensing: Business in Full Color
How Social Media Can Help Build Your Business
Licensing Reporting Risks and Red Flags
Presenting to Retail
Anatomy of a Contract
How to Choose the Right License and Make It Work for You
Best Practices in Administering a Licensing Agreement
Unique Opportunities in Sports and Collegiate Licensing – Ohio State
Unique Opportunities in Sports and Collegiate Licensing – NBA
Anatomy of a License Agreement
Social Compliance Programs in Manufacturing
What Does the CPSIA Mean to Your Business?
Case Studies in Corporate Brand Licensing
Evaluating Licensed Properties