Make way for the legendary “Endless skateboarding”

unnamed (5)How long does it take to create a gaming legend, probably years, but things are about to change. With just a month into creation the latest upcoming game ‘Skatelander’ is already making its name in the gaming market. The game has already started to grab the attention of the expert game testers and is receiving raving reviews. The game is based on voxel art, which is a 3d pixel art with an iso-metric view i.e. from a third person’s view.

The game is all about endless skateboarding where you have to cross the hurdles and as in when you collect the points and cash in the game you unlock some more of its entertaining features. The game boasts about more than 50 interesting characters with its own style of skateboarding. Also, the gaming environment also evolves along with the character. What’s interesting to note about the characters is that it portrays a famous character from countries around the world, for example: you will find the royal guard from England or the Kung Fu master from Hong Kong or the Red Indian along with its tribes riding the skateboard.

unnamed (1)The game will see the light of gaming world on iOS platforms first around the second half of the month of March, and will be available for free. Vaibhav Chavhan, CEO, underDOGS Gaming Studio quotes “We envision reaching a million gamers in a couple of months with its endless skateboarding coupled with diverse characters and features”. With a joyful bundle of in-app purchases, the ‘Skatelander’ is surely going to get you addicted to your gaming screens. This game in a nutshell can be the next big thing in the ‘endless- gaming’ world from India.

Check out the game here:

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