Marketing Immersion to unroll its newest brand at Licensing Expo

MarketingMarketing Immersion will uncover one of its newest brands, Motor Kids Club, at the May Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Motor Kids Club is poised to be a standout animated children’s television series based on the childhood life, friends, passions and adventures of the very successful global master artist of rock music, automobiles, motorcycle and just a motor head and all round cool guy, Marc Lacourciere.

Motor Kids Club (MKC) is in development as a children’s animated adventure show with Lacourciere as the opening narrative setting up each episode. Marc’s childhood is the backdrop, his passion, idiosyncratic ways with a lively cast of childhood friends and characters Marc’s Crew, as they form the MKC.

Each storyline is filled with crazy, high-speed adventures and first hands on experiences about all things that move.  Each episode is punctuated with a 5-minute segment and includes a moral of the story, like a parable, and a drawing lesson from Lacourciere.

Characters include Marc himself, tall, cool kid with a paint brush in one hand and tools in the other and leader of the Motor Kids Club. Hot Rod, shy and focused with a native incredible mechanically mind is never without a puzzle cube in his pocket just in case he gets bored.

Skooter, the more girly member of the club is smaller in size, but mighty in personality. Skooter uses her scooter, skateboard and even a sled sometimes to keep up with her longer legged buddies. She always has a quirky feminine approach to every problem that kids encounter. The super-smart Lin can determine velocity, loft and RPMS in her head i.e. the nickname Lazer, because she is as fast as a Lazer in math.

The Motor Kids hang out in a workshop Marc’s dad built for him in their garage, like the one that Marc had when he was a kid. It bears a signboard on the door reading Motor Kids Club. The MKC is a place for the crew to meet, plan, draft, drift, draw, paint, collect and have fun learning about things that move.

Motor Kids Club is interactive giving kids a chance to engage online as well as through broadcast, collecting badges, drawing and participating and even knowing about special events as part of each week’s episode. What kid wouldn’t want to belong to the Motor Kids Club.

Sharing his thoughts on why Motor Kids Club, Marc said,“I have wanted an animated television series for quite a while and with the help of Marketing Immersion we were able to come up with a fresh original concept for the Motor Kids Club, a kids animated show that shares my passion for family, art and the “motion” of things with kids. I welcome young people into both of my worlds at the same time…art and motors.”

“Motor Kids Club is a true collaboration that brings together the creativity, passion for art and motors and allows Marc to share them with a younger generation and look at the world through their eyes.  We are seeking partners to help maximize the business opportunity with Motor Kids Club,” averred Janice Hamlin, CEO, Marketing Immersion.

Marc Lacourciere is creator and founder of Motor Kids Club and harkens out of Canada.