Tuesday, February 19

Marvel announces 12-part limited series ‘Dead Man Logan’

Marvel has announced that a 12-part limited series titled ‘Dead Man Logan’ to conclude one of the Wolverine’s most iconic stories.

Ed Brisson will be writing the series, along with artist Mike Henderson. Declan Shalvey, the writer of Old Man Logan vs. Deadpool, will be doing the cover art.

Check out Declan Shalvey’s cover for the first issue:

As per Newsarama report, ‘Dead Man Logan’ will see Old Man Logan tying up loose ends by going after Mysterio, who tricked Logan into murdering his fellow X-Men in the previous timeline. This forced Logan to retire (for a time) while disavowing the Wolverine name.

Just like the Logan movie, the series aims to focus on the dying Wolverine who will go on his last adventure.

“This is it. This is going to be the big, final Old Man Logan story. Logan’s dying and still has a lot of unfinished business to attend to. Dead Man Logan will largely be Logan tying up loose ends— loose ends like Mysterio, the man who, in Old Man Logan’s timeline, caused him to kill all of the X-Men. That’s not a box that Logan’s going to leave unchecked.” series writer Brisson told Newsarama.

Dead Man Logan will hit the shelves in November.