MarVista Entertainment named intl. producer of Dream Street


MarVista Entertainment, a leading independent studio that produces, acquires and distributes premium film and television content, has been named as the exclusive international distributor of Dream Street, the innovative BAFTA-nominated pre-school series created by Nigel Stone, producer and CEO of Platinum Films. It will debut 65 x 10’ episodes to worldwide buyers for the first time at the upcoming MIP Jr. market.

Dream Street

Dream Street incorporates core learning principles that parents and caregivers most value, such as play, friendship, problem solving, and social awareness that encourage independence, social interaction, respect, and empowerment.

The gentle pace of the show and narrated storytelling is specifically developed to appeal to pre-schoolers.

Capturing all of the joy, excitement and magic of a child’s playground, Dream Street follows the charming adventures of Buddy the Magical Truck, Daisy the Police Car and their fun-loving, toy-box friends as they embrace everyday challenges in a brightly colored world filled with incredible edible delights, wondrous toys and games, and fantastic gadgets–all of which come to life at Magic Time, stimulating young viewers’ imaginations.

Platinum Films, a leading independent British production company specialising in children’s entertainment brands, has lovingly recreated the series using cutting edge roto-morphing techniques.

Designed to appeal to a new generation of children, Platinum has recomposited every shot and added new 3D animation and special FX to add dynamism and movement.

It delivers a colourful, engaging look to the reimagined series while preserving its emotional warmth, charming characterization and the physical presence that only traditional model animation can achieve.

“Dream Street exemplifies innovation in preschool programming, promoting positive core social skills to young viewers while delivering cutting-edge visuals that keep them engaged and entertained,” explained Fernando Szew, CEO, MarVista.  “From the animation production value to the talent involved in reimagining the series for a new generation, we believe the magical quality and messaging of the series will appeal to both traditional channels and digital platforms and will resonate with young children all over the world,” he added.

Filmed at England’s iconic Pinewood Studios, home to the James Bond franchise and directed by double Academy Award-winning special FX director Brian Johnson (The Empire Strikes Back and Alien), Dream Street is narrated by British comedian Russ Abbot and also features the voice talents of Charlotte Bellamy (Emmerdale), Chris Jarvis (Show Me, Show Me), Dave Benson Phillips (Get Your Own Back) and Emma Tate (Horrid Henry).

Dr. Loretta Long, actress, singer, media personality and educator known for playing Susan Robinson on Sesame Street advised on Dream Street.  Dr. Long is a consultant and public speaker on issues of multiculturalism and education.


In addition to the animated series, Platinum Films is currently developing a global consumer products program to coincide with the re-launch of the series around the world.  Short-form content has also been developed for digital distribution.