Montreal-based Digital Dimension plans to produce two animated series


Montreal-based animation and VFX studio, Digital Dimension has unveiled its plans to produce two animated series.

They are:

Improbable Pirate Adventures, a character-driven slapstick comedy where you are invited to join a 9-year-old orphan girl, a human-sized Parrot Captain and a runaway theme park animatronic who travel the modern city making big deals out of little things while living the pirate life to the fullest.


The second is Time Travelling Caveman Scientist is about a pre-historic inventor who invents time travel and visits a different time period every day in search of food for his family.

Both these series will be produced in the Unreal 4 game engine, an expertise developed by Digital Dimension.

 “Unreal 4 technology gives us with the ability to produce linear and interactive content enabling us to deliver high-quality content on both traditional and emerging media,” said Louis-Simon Ménard, President and CEO of Digital Dimension.

Zafari, another 3D animated series that uses the same technology is in production at their studio.