Netflix’s Trollhunters gets a Stranger Things themed Trailer

Trollhunters may have premiered just a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t take long for Netflix to give it the Stranger Things treatment.

Footage from the new Guillermo del Toro animated series, as seen in the video, has been edited together and set to the already iconic theme song from the streaming service’s summer hit. For fans eagerly awaiting the second season of Stranger Things, the mash-up is a fun introduction to the new show, which has a lot in common with the Golden Globe-nominated drama — including a single mother concerned for her son, a lot of biking, and a whole host of creatures.

Trollhunters follows the adventures of Jim (voiced by the late Anton Yelchin), a teenage boy who finds a magical amulet and becomes the first human troll hunter. Together with the help of his best friend Toby and crush Claire, he attempts to protect the trolls that live under his hometown of Arcadia from a host of natural enemies.

Trollhunters and Stranger Things are both available on Netflix