New DreamWorks entertainment hub set for Shanghai’s West Bund


Shanghai is set to get a new $2.4 billion DreamCenter entertainment hub for film premieres and festivals, designed by Danish architects 3XN.

The development, on the city’s fashionable West Bund, is being commissioned by DreamWorks Animation. It will include a Chinese version of the Spanish Steps in Rome, designed for red carpet events, an IMAX theater and a retail and creative office complex.

The contemporary design will split the site into four separate buildings, featuring both sharp angles and curved edges. Images released this week show plans to merge indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as to project animations on the interior and exterior walls and ceilings, maintaining a fluidity and interactive aspect within the site.


“At DreamCenter the buildings themselves will be part of the attraction,” said DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. “Internationally acclaimed architects are developing designs that will further enhance the Shanghai Skyline making DreamCenter an exciting hub for local residents and a magnet for international tourism.”

“This will be ‘the place’ for film festivals, premieres and a celebration of film culture in Shanghai,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN’s Creative Director. “It’s designed to show as much as possible of the activity going on in and around it, drawing people towards it like a magnet.”

Construction will begin later this year and the building is scheduled to open in 2017.