Tuesday, February 19

Nickeldeon picks up Nutz’s four live-action series for telecast in Poland


Nutz Productions’ supernatural drama Spell Keepers, one of four new live-action series for tweens from Israeli partners Keshet International and Ananey Communications Group—has been picked up by Nickelodeon for broadcast in Poland.

Scheduled to air in its original-language version in 2018, the around an hour series follows a pair of female heroes on a mission to save humanity.

Ananey’s production arm is the leading producer of original content for Viacom brands in Israel and Nutz has seen the series become a ratings success for Nickelodeon Israel since national satellite-TV provider yes commissioned season one last year.

 Spell Keepers has been created by screenwriter Michal Cooper-Keren alongside co-creators Sivan Shiknagy and Einat Shahak. Cooper-Keren also created Disney Channel Israel original teen drama North Star which later became hit series The Lodge for Disney EMEA and Zodiak Kids Studios.