Nickelodeon licenses 20 half-hour episodes of show


DHX Media, the world’s leading independent, pure-play children’s content company, has announced that Nickelodeon has licensed 20 half-hour episodes of Massive Monster Mayhem, an original show for kids between 6 and 11.

The show combines live action and CGI animation with real competition and comedy.  The series is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Josh Scherba, Executive Vice President, Distribution and Content at DHX Media, says: “We are always on the lookout for fresh, bold, creative ideas, and this one from Artur and Michael had us hooked. Massive Monster Mayhem combines an original, highly entertaining universe and cast of characters with action, competition and laugh-out-loud gags, all within an exciting game show format that is bang on target for 6-11 year olds. With Nickelodeon in the U.S. and Family Channel already on board, we are very excited by the global potential of this series.”

Co-created by Artur Spigel and Michael Chaves and produced by DHX Media, Massive Monster Mayhem is a brand-new concept in kids’ entertainment.

A sci-fi competition series, Massive Monster Mayhem features live gameplay by kids in futuristic challenges against gigantic Monster Superstars for the chance to win prizes and save the planet from destruction.

Each episode features three real-life kid heroes competing in a gauntlet of Intergalactic Battle Alliance challenges to become Earth’s champion and face off against Master Mayhem’s league of monsters in the ultimate Monster Mashdown.  The unique series combines cutting-edge, real-time CGI and pre-visualization technology.

Massive Monster Mayhem is executively  produced by Spigel, together with Steven DeNure, Anne Loi, Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, and Josh Scherba of DHX Media.