Nikhil Sinha opens Vertex School of Visual Effects and Animation Institute in Ahmedabad


Who doesn’t know Nikhil Sinha in the VFX industry?

It is he and his partner Hardik Gajjar whose company VertoxWorld have been involved in Visual Effects in shows such as Devon ke Dev Mahadev, Mahakumbh, Chandra Nandini and Siya Ke Ram.

Now, with the aim of upscaling the VFX standard in India, Nikhil has opened Vertex School of Visual Effects and Animation Institute.

The Vertex School of Visual Effects and Animation will be located in Ahmedabad where students can enrol in the course with a lot of practice on projects.

“We have done a study and realised that, in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, there are plenty of learning opportunities, but in places like Ahmedabad, the institutes are not so well-equipped. This is why I wanted to start from there and later will expand to other cities in near future,” claimed Nikhil.

The institute will have a maximum 150 seats with short-term courses (two months) to long-term courses of (two years) which will award a post-graduate diploma.

The USP of institute is that it is affiliated with universities and also has a secured job guarantee. The school will commence from 1st May.