Ninth MAAC centre opens up at Bengaluru



The ninth centre of  Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), India’s premier educator in high-end 3D animation and visual effects was recently  inaugurated by South Indian actress Shraddha Srinathe at Marathahalli, Bengaluru. This is the latest addition to the MAAC in India.

In her speech Shraddha said, “Indian films have been recently getting noticed for using high quality VFX that is almost at par with the films produced by Hollywood. It was a pleasant surprise to realise that several Hollywood films with noteworthy VFX had outsourced some of the VFX to the talented animators of our country.”

Giving a brief about MAAV, its SVP, Shajan Samuel said, “With state of the art facilities and the latest 3D animation and visual effects technology that meets international standards, MAAC strive to offer students a comprehensive education in the growing field of 3D Animation and VFX. We try to better ourselves and provide a global exposure to the students.”

The new centre will be an opportunity for the students to achieve superior training with our extensive curriculum.”

I wish to see more youth, especially the women of our nation, join the creative and animation industry to showcase their untapped talents though an encouraged platform,” he added.

In order to cater to the growing need of animators in various segments, the centre will offer advanced cinematic courses in animation, visual effects and multimedia. Some of the flagship courses such as AD3D EDGE, ADMD, VFX Plus, Max Pro and Maya Pro will be available at the centre.


Bengaluru is already the hub for animation and VFX in India. Some of the top global companies like Technicolor, MPC, Rockstar Games and also some of the very successful Indian studios like Xentrix Studios, Dhruva Interactive DQE and Moonfrog labs operate out of here.