Now, Arjun to give Bheem some company

arjunIn a case of sibling rivalry— or rather— sibling revelry, after Chhota Bheem, it is now Arjun’s turn to charm our children. The laddu-loving Bheem, hero of the popular animated television series of the same name, has been the star crowdpuller for Green Gold Animation since 2008. Now, the company is busy grooming Arjun, the star of another animation series that it introduced last year, as a backup.

“Bheem has been around for more than five years. He is a brand for life for us. However, we want to ensure that there is no overexposure or fatigue for viewers,” said Green Gold founder and managing director Rajiv Chilaka. “In the lifecycle of a comic character, there will always be ups and downs. The effort is to have an option during the low times, “ he added.

Bheem is the biggest money-spinner for Green Gold and there are no plans to “retire” him, chhotabheemclarified Chilaka. But now, the company is also making a serial based on Arjun, the character which is a spin off from the movie, Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali, which hit the screens last year. This would be in Hindi and showcase the character’s kung fu skills.

Besides Arjun, the company is also planning an animation film starring Raju, Bheem’s friend and the lead character in Mighty Raju. The film, Rio Calling, will be have Raju playing a footballer and should be ready by this summer. Also, another Bheem film is in the pipeline, this time in 3D, and will be released by year-end.

Besides Bheem, Arjun and Raju, Green Gold’s other animation characters include Krishna, Vikram Betal, Bongo, Krishna Balram, Chorr Police and Luv Kushh.