NPR floats first ever children’s podcast Wow in the World


For parents, podcasts have become much-needed alternative to the increasing television and smartphone time of their kids.

And yet, despite the demand among both groups, the number of shows produced for children has remained low relative to all the shows produced for adults. It’s a void that big producers are starting to fill.

NPR has taken the wraps off it’s first-ever children’s podcast, Wow in the World. Created for kids between 5 to 12, the show that premieres on May 15 will focus on topics in science and technology, with the goal of sparking conversations among kids and between kids and their parents.

Focused on big questions and mysteries like ‘How long would it take to get to the closest star outside our solar system?’etc., the show will lay emphasis on children’s voices.

That’s important, said Mindy Thomas, who hosts the show with former Nieman Fellow Guy Raz, because it emphasises that the programme is designed with kids in mind.

While Wow in the World is a first for NPR, it’s just the latest addition to the slowly increasing stable of podcasts designed with children in mind including American Public Media’s science podcast Brains On!, the Vermont Public Radio-produced But Why? and Australia’s Short & Curly, which focuses on ethics questions.