The Nut Job 2 records worst opening in film history

Nut Job

With the kind of release The Nut Job 2 had opening in 4000-plus theatres, it is difficult to believe that the film has had a worst opening in film history, with an estimated weekend haul of $8.9 million.

Going by facts, there’s nothing even remotely close on the record books for an opening so pathetic. The previous lowest-grossing launch in over 4,000 theaters was Sony’s The Emoji Movie that film opened with over $15 million more than Nut Job 2.

Now, the question is as to why was a film with such a clearly limited audience released in over 4,000 theaters to begin with?

First, it was opportune timing: Hollywood has faltered every step it has taken this year by creating few summer blockbusters that audiences want to see. In the bargain, it has left plenty of empty movie screens.