Obama and Bidden in a new sci-fi series


Thanks to a crowd-funding campaign via Kickstarter, a new animated sci-fi series featuring former US President Obama and former vice president Joe Biden is off to a good start.

The show named Barry and Joe: The Animated Series is the brainchild of director Adam Reid, co-founder of Bodega Studios.

The series that has raised over $107,000 finds Obama and Biden as time-travelling heroes who aided by scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson attempt to rewrite moments in history.

Both men are sent to the past and find themselves in their younger bodies. The dynamic duo then attempt to change history for the better.

Here goes a quote of Reid in the Kickstarter page, “If you’re like me, you’re more than a bit concerned lately about the fate of our country, our planet, and humanity itself.

And while we need new heroes to step in and stand up for what is right, I can’t help but intensely miss Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

And not to forget, President Donald Trump will also play a part in the tongue-in-check show. Reid adds, “You will never see Donald Trump’s face. In this way, he is like our Doctor Claw from the original Inspector Gadget cartoon. A villain to be heard and felt but not seen. Except for his tiny hands, we’ll see those!”