Observe! Observe !! Observe buddy!!

HI Friends,


Today I am gonna discuss about “Importance Of Observation” which is a very important part, ingredient for any medium and any department of animation. 

 With proper observation you can get to details in very perfect way!! But ! But if you don’t observe and learn then friends you will end up being another artist who will be eaten up by the competition.

 Always remember that you are never an asset to any company! If you feel so then you are wrong.. As our respected Ex-President had given a statement that ” Company kisi ki nahi hoti” so it is always better to make your portfolio stronger like a concrete building so that you can pass through each cyclone which will come in your way.

 How to do observation?

 Simple. Just note and look with concentration every movement of each action which happens when a person or animal or a thing move in a certain as per his mood or situation.

Hardcore hain na defination.. Lol moral of the tip is just “Focus” in what you do whenever you do.

 Happy Observation…..