Palm Springs International Animation Festival serves the launching pad for Bilal: A New Breed of Hero


The Palm Springs International Animation Festival is going to be the launch pad of a new big budget CG animated feature from Saudi titled Bilal: A New Breed of Hero.


The film’s story revolves around a titular 7 year old boy who lived thousands of years ago and struggled under a life full of hardships.


1,400 years ago, Bilal, a seven-year-old boy, finds himself with his sister under the tyranny of slavery. He bears many burdens of life in his childhood from which he discovers inner strength he did not know he possessed before.

Bilal knows from the bottom of his heart that he must be brave enough to raise his voice and choose his own path, and that everything is possible with determination. His courage was able to undo his handcuffs and set him free.

His strong beautiful voice was a real gift from the Creator, but the voice of faith has made his childhood dream come true.

Bilal boasts of a big budget and production values that would rival mainstream Hollywood offerings. Over 360 different animators and creative staff collaborated and worked under the Dubai-based animation & VFX studio Barajoun Entertainment.

Bilal marks the first time that a big budget CG film is being produced entirely through Middle-Eastern funding.