PAX West showcases remake of Square Enix


PAX West has become the vehicle to showcase an unexpected, yet a welcome JRPG remake of Square Enix.

In the event, a new promo video showing footage from the upcoming Secret of Mana remake has been uncovered.

The footage contains the opening as well as some combat, exploration and story elements:

While not exactly the best of the franchise, Secret of Mana is still loved because it introduced many to be fans of the Mana franchise.

Additionally, it can’t be denied that the bright, colorful anime-inspired visuals and the relatively simple story made the game easily digestible for non-adults which was what comprised a huge chunk of target market back in the 16-bit era.

The remake is a bit of a conundrum, though, as the visual upgrades can be subject to preference. Many old fans love the new graphics that update the visuals to modern standards, while still retaining the highly stylized chibi sensibilities of the original.

But there are some who are disappointed that the remake has not taken advantage of modern hardware in order to get out of the original’s chibi art style that they view as childish and only done out of necessity, due to the hardware of the time’s limitations.