WEBINAR 1: Pitching Animation with Max Howard and Mark Simon

Are You Ready to Sell Your Animated Feature or TV Show?
Executive & Producer of Academy Award-Winning Films, Max Howard, and pitch expert/ animation producer Mark Simon will share their secrets on pitching animation with you on this downloadable Webinar — only for ADD Subscribers!

In this WEBINAR, you’ll discover:
  • How to pitch animation
  • Where to pitch your animation
  • What you need for your pitch
  • How to land great pitch meetings
  • The biggest pitch mistakes to avoid
  • The #1 element you MUST have for your pitch
  • 8 Steps to creating a story that will sell
  • Discover your USP – Unique Selling Point
  • The questions you must be prepared to answer
  • How project titles matter
  • What you need to do before your pitch
  • What you need to do before your pitch

humper-on-duke-smallDate: Replay available NOW
Time: Listen when YOU want
Length: 3.5 hours
Cost: $30 (Special Discounts – ADD Subscribers)
Where: Anywhere

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Bonuses: Sample animation treatment, 1-sheet, feature animation script, script coverage sample, software discounts and more in our downloadable 150 page workbook.
Download these bonuses NOW, once you register.

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  • Sample animation treatment
  • Worth more than the price of the webinar!
  • Sample animation 1-sheet
  • Sample feature animation script
  • Sample of script coverage
  • 150 page workbook
  • Sample Submission Release Form
  • Animation & story-boarding software discounts
  • Once you register, you can download these bonuses immediately

This Webinar is perfect for:

  • Anybody who has an animated feature or TV show to sell
  • How do you pitch animation? Screenwriters!
  • Animation creators
  • Animators
  • Children’s book writers
  • Storyboard artists

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