Pixelatl in search of animated projects by Latin American creators





As a part of its fifth-annual Ideatoon initiative, Mexico-based Pixelatl is on the lookout for animated projects by Latin American creators.

According to the company,any creator can submit up to four projects while non-Latinos may apply if they have a partnership with a LatAm studio. Applications are due on April 24.


The 30 best projects will win a trip to Mexico in May to attend a project development boot camp to be undertaken by Joan Lofts, a former CBBC executive who had earlier worked on Peppa Pig and Tractor Tom.


Later, the 10 top creators will head to a summit during the Pixelatl Festival in September from September 5 to 9 this year. Termed as an annual animation, comic and video game event, the festival has been running since 2012.

At the summit, the finalists will be able to pitch their ideas to potential buyers, investors and broadcasters. Winners will then be selected across three categories–Best Preschool IP, Best six- to 11 and Best Feature. All of these award winners will receive accreditation for Cartoon Connection Quebec in October, as well as money to cover travel expenses to Canada for the pitching market.

Earlier winners of Ideatoon have had Mexican studios sign development, product and service agreements with broadcasters and distributors from across the world.  Last year’s participants had come from Disney’s Worldwide Acquisitions, Cartoon Network LatAm, Disney Junior, Channel 5 and Maker Studios.