Prime Focus Delivers VFX & DI for Bollywood Movie ‘Jai Ho’


Prime Focus is delighted to be associated with Salman Khan’s much awaited latest action-drama feature film, ‘Jai Ho’. Directed and produced by Sohail Khan, the movie is a remake of Telugu film Stalin, and stars Salman Khan, Tabu, and newcomer Daisy Shah.

Merzin Tavaria, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, Prime Focus says, “These days film projects require us to adapt to a continuously evolving cut that allows the director to push the story-telling as far as possible. Specifically for this project, where the action sequences involved multiple safety hazards, VFX was used for most of the shots in the action scenes.”

Prime Focus’ main goal was to use Visual Effects (VFX) and Digital Intermediate (DI) to accentuate the dramatic impact without compromising on the film’s storyline.

Reupal Rawal,the Sr. VFX Supervisor, Prime Focus who worked very closely with Sohail to deliver the amazing VFX shots, speaking about the work says, “The biggest challenge of this project was to try and marry elements from footage that were often shot against chroma.

Considering the safety hazards, this was done for most of the action sequences. For example, the action sequence at the climax contains plates of footage shot of the background and stunt rolling footages with Salman against chroma. At post, the team used the footage which was originally shot for each character in chroma, rotoscoping each character and then composited the footage to the background plates. This called for a great deal of compositing in massaging the elements together.”

With 150 VFX artists from Mumbai and Hyderabad contributing to numerous lengthy and complex sequences from the flawless CG amputated hands for Genelia’s character to powerful action sequences of multiple chroma and clean work was carried out impeccably.

The team also worked on the matte painting backgrounds, set extensions were added, multi layered compositing for impactful sequences and monitor inserts were designed to blend seamlessly with the story line.

Prime Focus’ VP, DI and VFX (India), Paresh Acharya concludes, “The collaboration with Sohail Khan Productions worked well for us and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the outstanding abilities of our team in India. The team worked round the clock to achieve desired look and feel for the movie that was envisioned by DoP, Santosh Thundiyil”