For the second year, no US animation movies directed by woman

For the second year in a row, every single major U.S. animation release next year will be directed by a man. This feat will also be the fifth time in nine years.


In the decade so far (2010-2018), 103 out of 104 major animated releases had at least one male animation director. That means that men are involved in the direction of over 99% of all the animated films produced by the Hollywood entertainment conglomerates like Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, Warner Bros., Fox, et al.


The lone feature among the 104 films that was directed by a womn was Kung Fu Panda 2 that was helmed by Jennifer Yuh.

This is not a mere matter of under-representation, but of systemic gender bias in the U.S. animation industry.

The situation is especially striking in view of what is happening in the global animation industry. for example, at the 26 animated features submitted this year for Academy Award consideration.

While 11 of the American features submitted were directed by men, five of the fifteen foreign features were helmed by women directors including three that had solo women directors.