When i see other students work , which is now getting exceptionally good compare to what i use to do . The thing that recalled me was education facility not made naturally industry standard. Today when you require a artist who can role into proper constructive production, you get it straight from institution(s). And from practical touch up….they fail.

I personally think self practice with tons of research is needed with time to get real hand on experience in this industry. Not just about the hard-work. But it takes pain to understand the proper procedure of media system. Today students are getting it absolutely free without any hesitation. Let say if an artist is really good in simulations or lighting or sculpting..and he/she makes real good quality work as per needs, it does not implies that he /she should be called or known and write up as Lead and or TD in their resume or on website/blog.

An actual, production environment is necessary to nurture your skill an polish them. That is the point when you understand that are you the real Lead and or Senior and or TD.

I would like to share some insights from my last job. i is not like i am making any fun but it is necessary for each and everyone of us to understand why this happens.

It was 2013 winter and i was working on epic Mahabharata TVC . Also it was an introduction of Karna (one of the pandava) , it was really tough shot as camera was pretty tight and closeup. There were total 7-9 shots , which has to be delivered. As i was the only FX Lead, all that job naturally fell onto my desk. Successfully after completing those shots , i passed t on to the compositor for final comping execution before DI would hit the ground. The most un-usual thing that compositor asked me was….”Why did you amended yellow, orange and red color shade in your fire simulation ?” , and i was like numb standing there. If an experience compositor is saying this means two things for me. First, he was bluffing about the work experience he/she said. Second he/she is not aware of name called experience in this industry. I cannot say that he does not know the shades of fire.

I just said him this…
“Color and temperature of a flame are dependent on the type of fuel involved in the combustion.” . Still he was looking at me like i am an idiot. I just walked out from that room. I just kept thinking that how can a company hire a person who is either bluffing or does not know the very basics or ask un-usual question. If you see the question was not wrong, but the tone was questionnaire to me.

The next thing that pop’d my mind was the ground education. I think he/she must not have been taught the basic and this is the result. I would blame both the parties. The faculty members for not teaching and the artist not upgrading for future. You see the planning for proper education system is not upto the level the industry requires. They are just making things up to market their business prospectus to profit the company and or organization by saying, “We have industry standard _______ “.

The person who has reach up from doing ground work knows exactly the real meaning of this industry. You cannot preach industry , because industry is not a placed like Disneyland. Industry simply means artist like us in massive level forming different communities who works for TVC , Featured Films, GameZone, Commercial, etc. And to understand the meaning of this in-depth requires hand-on-practical work from artist.

I will be writing more into this stuff, just been packed with few projects and personnel commitments.There are many new things lined up for all of you, may surprised in ways with tons of information,tips, tricks and techniques, and much more….

So stay tune with me….

Respect your profession.