Shamrock Capital turns co-owner of BTI Studios


By way of a  partnership with Altor, Shamrock Capital has signed a definitive agreement to become a co-owner of BTI Studios. The agreement comes hot on the heels of the sale of BTI Studios to Altor Fund IV in July 2017.

For Shamrock, BTI Studios is an exciting investment in an attractive and global industry niche led by an impressive management team.

The localization market is expected to continue to grow at double-digit rates p.a., driven by increased broadband and smartphone penetration, VoD players’ rapid internationalization, and increased investments in original content to compete for viewers. In addition, new global players are entering the original-content space to strengthen their user ecosystems.

Founded in 1978 by the late Roy E. Disney, Shamrock has a rich history of investment in the media and entertainment sector. The company has its roots in LA and holds an impressive portfolio of current investments.

BTI Studios is one of the leading localization players globally that provides dubbing, subtitling and access services in over 80 languages.

Clients of BTI Studios include Video-on-Demand (“VoD”) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, major film studios such as NBC Universal, Warner, Disney and Fox, and broadcasters such as Discovery, Turner and Viacom.

Klas Johansson, partner at Altor said, “When we acquired BTI Studios this summer, we already had a clear vision of finding a strong partner for this investment to work alongside Altor in supporting BTI Studios to grow its business especially in the US entertainment segment. Shamrock was at the top of our wish list and I am very happy to see this partnership happen just a few months into our ownership.”

Björn Lifvergren, CEO at BTI Studios commented, “We are thrilled that Shamrock is coming on board, adding a wealth of experience and knowledge in the global media industry. Together with Altor, they will further strengthen BTI Studios’ position as a leading global localization company. Shamrock’s experience in growing world-class companies in the media and entertainment space will be invaluable for BTI and our existing client base.”