Skylanders Academy returning to Netflix


This October 6, the hit CG-animated action comedy series Skylanders Academy will make its return to Netflix for its second hilarious and action-packed season.


In order to herald the Skylanders’ grand return to the streaming service, Activision Blizzard Studios has released a new trailer that shows off key footages from the upcoming season.

Based on the massively popular Toys-to-Life video game franchise, Skylanders Academy follows the adventures of the heroes Spyro (Justin Long), Eruptor (Jonathan Banks), Stealth Elf (Ashley Tisdale), Jet-Vac (Jonny Rees), Pop Fizz (Bobcat Goldthwait) and their team of young warriors as they travel the vast Skylands universe protecting it from evil-doers.

The second season will have Spyro starting a new quest for more information about his ancestors, which he believes will lead to the unlocking of his special powers. Corollary to this is Kaos’ quest to bring his evil rule to the Skylands realms, which unfortunately leads to the unleashing of a villain far more powerful than Kaos himself or the Skylanders can imagine.