Smart Tips for zero budget marketing Indie Games

The biggest problem Indie Game developers face is to market the games due to lack of funds. But there are plenty of smart ways to get noticed without spending a single penny. Following are the top most important things to do through our experience.

1) Start with a website:

    – Create a 2-3 pager website or a development blog for the game you are making. Remember to start this early into development of your game and not by the end of it. Make people aware of the release date and timelines about your game via this and collect their email IDs to notify them on the Launch Day for better downloads.

Check out sites: WordPress, Blogspot to easily create web pages.

2) Forums

    – Couple of gaming forums like TouchArcade and SlideToPlay helps a lot in building the reputation for your game from the development phase itself. Be connected to the development community on these forums. Let people know about your game and consistently take feedback from them by sharing your game builds with them. Similarly, try helping people with their games to maintain a reputation out there. This helps in a long run. The best thing to happen in this process is a solo Review article for your game the day your game launches by Toucharcade itself. This gives a lot of boost.

Check out forums: ToucharcadeSlidetoplay

3) Video Trailer

    – Have a fantastic video trailer of your game to excite gamers prior to its launch. Sites like Youtube, Dailymotion and Reddit can help you to get through a lot of gamers if you have the interesting video to share. Connect with Youtubers via their contacts directly from their about pages and let them know about the video. Some might just share the video to their subscribers if you are lucky enough.

Check out Youtubers: PewDiepie, Markiplier

4) Shooting the Press

    – This is the most hectic pre-launch Task. When you are sure about the release date of your game, create a PR Kit. Be sure to use DOPRESSKIT and send it to as many contacts as you can find on the internet. There are readymade lists of PR contacts available on the internet with the email IDs. The task is to send the Kit with your Release Date, Screenshots, Video , Thumbnails, Coverpage etc. to each and every mail ID personally with their names too. The journalists get a lot of mails everyday so be sure to have a catchy Subject line for the same. You can also start conversations directly via Twitter with the same contacts and you might get an article up there.

Check out: PixelProspector

You can get enough noise around your game with these things. Be sure to talk about your game on social media. Facebook and Twitter plays a very important role. Having pages on both for your game will get you some virality. There is lot you can do for your game, but to start with try doing these and you have a steady game.