So called Indian Animation Industry


So called industry this name tells us something bit relate about the section where you , me and lots of people like us work together. This article is mostly related to those people who are gaining their skill in this media and entertainment industry.

Especially when you talk about this “MEI(Media and Entertainment Industry)” we get lot of other areas which we can focus . I have been long waiting to share this article with all of you and as a matter of fact this article is purely based upon the ongoing trend and the happening in this industry. I have been asked by many upcoming students online as well as offline, meeting them personally, consulting them and not only limited with the students but also with professionals of same sector.

My intention in writing this article is not to justify the either of parties but to put front the nature that is happening. One of the industry like MEI is considered to be one of the largest industry on this planet.

But before I get to the point let me list you in the types of Media Industry. As per my memory serves me well, we have 12 types of media industry and which they have been listed down.

    1. Film industry – Film industries are commercial institution of film-making.
    2. TV industry – Satellite channels and terrestrial channels.
    3. Animation industry – This industry produces animation of films, TV and the web.
    4. Music industry – Music industry produces music. They create music and sell it.
    5. Photo industry – Photo industry produces pictures.
    6. Newspaper industry – Newspaper produces news and newspaper comes out every day.
    7. Radio industry – Radio industries makes radios for people to listen in their car, home etc.
    8. Web industry – Web industries produce web sites, web servers, network security etc.
    9. Adverts industry – Adverts industry produces adverts for different companies.
    10. Publishing industry – Publishing industries produces magazines, newspapers, books etc.
    11. Facilities (Panavision) industry – Panavision industry produces cameras and lenses. They are motion picture equipment company.
    12. Magazine industry – Produces magazines and magazines are most likely to be weekly or monthly.

OK so before start on topic lemme tell you the different version of the meaning of this “Industry”. Every individual has different composition of Industry name, depending upon in which sector they work in. My main concern in this MEI is CGI and VFX as what councilor and students think and how they reaction take place.

The term industry is sometime used to describe a very precise business activity. It means that a certain people in certain sector are engaged in certain activity by performing certain actions.

My main concern is to notify like “I work in ?????? industry” . And many new students in MEI are too getting wrong conceptions about so called industry. And this misconceptions should be cleared of in a period of time. This is not a social kind of article yet it has be brought in limelight to make awareness in MEI.

OK so now from what I have noted 12 different types of industry I will make a note over Indian Animation Industry as such.

To understand this article you should know at least what is the meaning of Animation.

Animation: Animation is the process in which a sequences of static images runs so rapidly that it creates an illusion of an action to be happening. And this action that is happening form a fluid motion, which we eventually think that that element is itself into motion. And such animation is then recorded on analogue media video tape, flip book, motion picture film on various formats.



Q01: What you want to become?

A01: I want to do animation and want to become an Animator (straight forward response)

Q02: Once you have become a Animator , then what ?

A02: Once i become an animator, i will work for Animation Industry. (note the bold words).


Now this is the most common statement(s) that you will hear for all those who are not aware of this field.

Now the person who is answering this question is unknown of the fact that there is such thing called as “Animation Industry“. Now let see when that person is in college , he must be in science student and as a science student he should know the subject. RIGHT. So if someone asks him “what are the subject you have taken in science stream?”. Well “Either it is PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) , PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)” for argument sake. So it is obvious that that person know which subject he is learning and which subject will guide him to next level. And this what it is missing in this industry. Now the above conversation that happened between the learner and the questionnaire , the learner does not know where he actually want to go , want to learn, want to do.


First of all there is no such thing called as Animation Industry. Yet many newbie’s are not trying to understand this meaning. Many new artist consulted with me regarding solutions for software, hardware, jobs and such all kind of things. But more precisely they have mentioned that they work for so and so industry / want to work for so and so industry.


But I say where is this “so and so industry“. So if you want to work for so and so industry, you should know where is this so and so industry ? RIGHT. And if you know then even you should know where you can learn this topics for so and so industry.

OKAY lets go step wise. As in CG Media sector, we have several departments. And above all ,we have made 3 most important segments that draws our plan into action. Pre-Production , Production and Post-Production.

There are many students who says i want to become animator or say I want to become a successful VFX artist. And that is not unheard least of time.

Especially if i talk about rough production phase in 3D we have activity going on in department wise. And these departments are set in order the activity is carried out. Every department are then segregated into sub-departments and so on and so forth until the activity is finalized.

It is only through CG (Computer Graphics) where your media is taken to next level for entertainment business. So group of skilled people start working in one area by setting up their own company and expanding their business. This way their network expands and their business takes new height. Similarly the other people also start their business and start expanding. Slowly they set their mark of special treatment to Media and Entertainment Industry.

But who create Industry?

Industry is not a place, city, town, or country where you’ll find different people with different activity. Industry is nothing but a group of skilled people (artist) teamed together forming one company. Company is a place where these skilled people (artist) work together doing activities. For argument sake let’s consider COMPANY_A is well-known in India, while COMPANY_B in UK and that of COMPANY_C in US.COMPANY_A does some Advertising work, COMPANY_B does Serial and COMPANY_C films. So a person doing modeling for advertising stuff , serials and for feature films are not different, but their techniques and approach does vary. The principle for modeling in Ads, Feature Films and TV Serials will be different, so a person who has started his/her work from Advertising and then rising it to in Feature Films , their profile says they have worked in Advertising Industry and or Film Industry.

These skilled people (artist) are spread widely a crossed the globe possessing different activities for MEI .Take a trip to any studio and you’ll meet 100’s of different artist from different region of this planet with variety of skill working under one hood. Each studio or a company (small scale or large scale) carrying out activities with different process. And if ask them about this industry , they would probably talk about their experience with their related work they have done till date in MEI and the opportunity(s) they were given.

You always wanted to work for ” so and so Industry ” and this is the single most important question you ask yourself. It is lot easier to believe in working for ” so and so Industry ” not knowing the core principle of such. You could jump in blindly without doing any research , just because you are enamored with the idea of getting work in ” so and so Industry “.

When multiple companies/ studios get set up in different plane on this planet and delivering different work for MEI, we have segregated this factors into multiple categories purely known as “Industry“. CGI is also one of the industry from MEI which I have listed initially. Taking CGI (Computer Graphics Image) into account, we have even divided this system into 3 main phase (Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production) and even this would be sub-divided further more. So even this 3 phases wouldn’t be called as an Industry, would they. All saying like VFX Industry, Animation Industry, etc are nothing but CGI which are virtually created via computers. And you know what , I still had that thought, it wouldn’t matter the activity you’ll carryout in day-to-day job, the only thing that would matter is the procedure you’ll follow.

Once you step in production environment, no one is going to ask you from which industry you have come from not any institution to school/college or any university will say, you have now been certified to work for ” so and so Industry “.

You must have a passion about your skill set in order to succeed rather than mentioning which industry is in phase mode.

I am not saying that actually students are going out and looking for such thing, yet they have this thinking when they enroll or when they do not get proper guidance. ” For right career right education is important and for right education right guidance is very important“.

It is obvious that one student has to learn everything in one 3D software right all the above points and then they take their specialization in one of the topics. This special topic take years to master and attain mastery. That is specialty. But the other fact says one can learn everything and become special in each and every topics listed above. This is how Generalist are opened.

When i say i want to work in/for animation industry, yet there is no such thing. Bcoz there is no such thing as a apartment(s) where only animators are working, a block where only modelers are modeling…….And this is the misconception that every aspiring artist think.

Can you see any of the building saying/displaying name “Modeling Area“. OR a sector where big banners are placed naming this area is dedicated to only MODELERS. I think not. Do you find any door saying “Entry to only animators, or modelers “. This flat is for modelers, next flat is for texturing artist, then next flat to animators, next to dynamics people and so on going to last flat saying ” Final Delivery“. Well this is something not right for budding artist.

I remember one particular incident couple of artist approached me saying the needed some guidance to get in Animation Industry. And same thing was explained to them as they responded… ” Our counselor said this and so we did” .

Who said this road lead to Modeling Industry, next road leads to Texturing Industry, again next to next road leads to Animation Industry, again next to next road leads to VFX Industry etc…..

Today we have many institutions teaching CG to many students and many students are learning lot of things on CG and first thing they say is “I want to become an animator and i want to do a job in animation industry.” Why it is called as “Animation Industry and not Rigging Industry, not modeling industry, not VFX Industry, not compositing industry and not Rendering Industry“. Different people having special skills form together and make on work . They form a good team of skilled people and start working on projects and they expand their business. What do you want to call them. Animation Industry, Rendering Industry or VFX Industry? So when students passes out from any university , college or from any institution(s), when was the first time you have experienced this industry and for those who think that this industry name exist, when was the last time you saw it. What’s the big deal in it. RIGHT. You must ask this question. Well, straight answer, it is always in you thought.

To be frank even this industry name does not exist.

This funda even goes to the name “Industry”. DO you see any name written saying this is Film Industry, VFX Industry, Magazine Industry. NOPE . You won’t find anything of this as such any of this naming does not exist. But feel free to notify me if anyone finds any of the above industry. I would be curious to know where such this exist.

It is said in Bible… “If you can believe , all things are possible (Mark 9:23)“, yet it does not implies that an artist will go out in searching where this industry is located. The principle of this field is very different.

Visualization is also one of the factor that today’s third generation are thinking about this industry. Visualization simply means the images inside your mind. But when a newbie is getting in this field and is hit by this “Industry” word, he/she would store the images of Industry in their mind.

Considering the amount of students getting in this field and the amount of students doing jobs right now have different ratios. It requires two things to make a sound. SO it is not good just to blame where you are learning. Even the learner too comes into fault. Today we have got lot of resources available on internet and yet we live like Stonehenge. For all those people who are in the phase of getting into this field , it is extremely necessary that you investigate this field properly. Joining blindly could land you in trouble. Before you buy smart phone, you do check all features so why not this field. It is absolute that you are investing large amount of sum in here and not even thinking a minute about it. There are many educational institutions around you, so it would be fruitful if you list down the names of such, verify it on internet. You can Google it, Bing it, Yahoo and Wikipedia also considering their own personal websites., it is necessary to do research before investing your money. Do a lot of research over it. Do not go just by their name and their marketing level. That is the area where you fall in for. It is really important for you to know why there are various educational institutions who teach us same thing. We are the industry and it is only us who had created this business an add on feature for MEI. The key question to ask yourself is “Am I truly committed ? “. It all depends upon the way you think. If you are truly committed the it would be so obvious that you’ll do a lot or research on such topics. This field is a socio-cultural

I would personally recommend you to add , “Why, Which, When, What, Where, How, Who” the few items when you research and where you enquire about the course. Many students fear in front of professionals, “Ask or not to ask” , in this state of mind your keenness for learning new things will be drifted away.

Understand what you want, then understand what they need and then try to figure it out what this filed wants from you. Let me write down few points that may help you …..

  1. Understand the requirements.
  2. What is your target area.
  3. Do a lot of research over educational institution .
  4. Make use of resources available today (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, etc…).
  5. Always ASK questions.
  6. Evaluate alternate routes for such.
  7. Network yourself.
  8. Communication
  9. Referrals
  10. Research your subject
  11. Have a conversation with friends and seniors
  12. Always ask questions
  13. read the forum, be an active part of it
  14. Always ask for HELP
  15. Become an information junkie
  16. Ask experts
  17. Do attend CG festivals , have conversation with their peers
  18. Understand the system inside Computer Graphics field.
  19. Be an eternal student, always willing to learn.