Sony releases opening dates of Angry Birds 2 and Masters of the Universe

Looks like this week has seen most of release dates. First, we saw the release date of The Jungle Book being declared followed by the release date of Avatar.

Now, we hear that Sony Pictures has declared release dates for two of its most anticipated licensed films in the form of Angry Birds 2 and the big-screen adaptation of Masters of the Universe.

Angry birds

While Angry Birds 2 will hit theaters on September 20th 2019, Masters of the Universe will release on December 18th 2019.

The first Angry Birds movie went on to become a financial success capitalizing on the worldwide popularity of the phone game.



On the other hand, originally launched as a Mattel toy line in 1982, Masters of the Universe went on to be a cult hit animated series that was recently revived for a Money Supermarket commercial.