Sphero teams up with Marvel for its latest tech toy Spider-Man Interactive Super Hero


Colorado’s Sphero has joined forces with Disney-owned Marvel for its latest tech toy an app-enabled Spider-Man Interactive Super Hero. This comes after the company recently teamed up with another Disney-owned company Pixar on a Cars 3-based Lightning McQueen robot named Boulder.

Featuring fully animated LCD eyes, voice control and motion detection, the expressive bot can sense when people pass by, react when shaken or tossed in the air, act as an alarm clock and guard a child’s room to stop unwanted intruders.

And by double-pressing the toy’s spider button and using a variety of pre-programmed phrases like “What’s the crime report?,” “Make me laugh” and “Tell me a story,” the famous web-slinger will react with his signature snarky attitude.

The toy, which is AppliedTrust-certified and compatible with iOS and Android devices is available in Canada exclusively at Best Buy for CA$199.

It’s also available in the US at Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Disney.com, Barnes & Noble and at Sphero.com though for a price.

At the time of launch, Spider-Man will include 100 jokes, 20 stories and 15 games. Through the app, kids can create their own super hero persona and get on 25 missions with Spidey against notorious villains including Venom and Lizard. The toy’s advanced technology also lets Spider-Man learn from conversations and adapt to kids’ personalities.

As for privacy, the toy contains no camera and its Wi-Fi capabilities only allow for content updates with new missions and villains to be stored on the app and in Spider-Man himself.

According to a safety notification from Sphero, no personal information is collected without consent, voices are never stored or shared and all data is encrypted and anonymised.