Spider-man featuring Venom to open next year



Way back in 2014 it was declared that Sony Pictures was working on several Spider-Man spin offs of which some of which focused on the villains like Sinister Six and his super-foe Venom.This was back when Sony was initially planning to collaborate with Marvel for the Spider-Man franchise.

Although, the Sinister Six based movie has been scrapped, Venom seems to have made it through the cycle.

A standalone film featuring Venom will be releasing on 5 October, 2018, it is said.

The character of Venom was primarily introduced in 1988 through the Amazing Spider-Man comics. In that, Venom appeared to be a seemingly harmless suit worn by Spider-Man. However, it turned out to be an alien symbiote which attaches itself to the host.

The creature has also hosted a few of Spider-Man’s (Peter Parker) enemies like Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson and Scorpion, Mac Gargan.