Studio Ghibli makes public its plans for a theme park


Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli has made public its plans for a theme park to open in 2020.

The 200-hectare site will be built in Nagoya city, in Aichi prefecture, declared Governor Hideaki Omura on Thursday at a press conference.

The park will be based on the popular film My Neighbor Totoro embodying the movie’s theme of “respecting and embracing nature”.

My Neighbor Totoro,that released in 1988, tells the story of two young sisters who settle into an old country house while waiting for their mother to recover from an illness.

During their adventures, they encounter and befriend playful forest spirits, most notably the massive cuddly creature known as Totoro.

The site of the park, earlier home of the 2005 World Expo, currently has a life-size replica of the house from the film.

Co-founder of Studio Ghibli and producer Toshio Suzuki who was also at the announcement, said the attraction will be ‘set in the world of Totoro’. There will not be any amusement park rides.

“Construction will be planned around existing clearings to avoid felling trees,” the Governor added.