Thursday, February 22

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Danger Pigeon has a slate of animators under its wings

Danger Pigeon has a slate of animators under its wings

Till now, New York-based Danger Pigeon Studio positioned itself as a leader in character-based content place for marketers and advertisers. And now, the entertainment world has come calling. The two-year-old shop co-founded by former Saatchi creative director Pat Giles and his wife/longtime copywriting partner Amy Giles has gathered a first-rate client list that includes Canadian kidcasters YTV and Teletoon, as well as Activision, Blip Toys, Sesame Workshop and Portfolio Animation, all of whom are looking for animated stories based on their established and new characters. Giles, who put in his all making General Mills commercials at Saatchi and has led creative campaigns for Lucky the Leprechaun My Little Pony and The Pillsbury Doughboy sis of the say that he’s particularly proud of Da
Ubisoft  launches new toys-to-life game

Ubisoft launches new toys-to-life game

Videogame developer Ubisoft has entered into the field of the toys-to-life and unveiled its new concept Starlink: Battle for Atlas at this year’s E3. The firm now joins the likes of LEGO Dimensions, Amiibo, Skylanders and the recently revealed Lightseekers title from the toy specialist Tomy. The launch was announced at this year’s E3 in L.A. and is expected to land in autumn next year, and will be available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The move comes as a real stake in the ground for Ubisoft’s place in the toys-to-life market, one that was kickstarted in 2013 with the launch of Activision’s Skylanders. The new game enables players to create a team of starfighter pilots and directly control them in battle against an enemy known as the Forgotten Legion. At the middl