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Random Thoughts on 3DS Max (Internet Info)

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In the beginning, 3D graphics software was expensive and was running on expensive SGI machines. It was used by few large (read: rich) companies that could afford it. A whole culture was born, but there were very few people that could afford to learn and use this software... Then in 1990 Autodesk 3D Studio came along (and Lightwave later jumped from Amiga to PC). That's when 3D became "affordable", but not as cheap as MS Word... When 3D Studio MAX 1.0 came out in 96, it had the same price as today. Autodesk 3D Studio already had more users than ALL other 3D packages combined, not counting the illegal followers which were probably millions. (more…)

Xsens Releases Redesigned Motion Capture Product Line for Professional Animators

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Customer Insights Drive Motion Capture Enhancements for Ease of Use, Toughness and Production-Quality Data; Pricing Starts at 75 Percent Less    Xsens, the leading innovator in 3D inertial motion tracking technology, introduces a new wearable motion capture product line to deliver, fast, production-ready 3D data to professional animators at a more affordable price. (more…)