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Musky Flame Thrower Creating Fire in CG and making it look ultra realistic is one of the most challenging job. Fire comes in all size and shapes and behaves differently depending upon the combustible materials, exposure of camera it's being filmed on and or viewed with our naked eye. Fire looks more believable when you evaluate its motion of the flames, the shader /color of fire and its related interaction with the environment , the ambience light fusing with it. Plus add on is the smoke that fuel creates during burning of such combustible substances. Here in this tutorial we'll be creating not the exact FlameThrower but yet somewhat like muskiness in which and how FlameThrower would act. You can also further this tutorial in creating Dragon Fire and or LargeScale FlameThrower. (more&hel...


Education, Tutorials
Now let's see the procedure for creating this kind of smoke effect. There are many kinds of techniques that artist perform for creating only fiery explosions, smoke based explosions and or both mixture of fire and smoke based explosions where fuel plays a vital role in that process. With every development of Fume FX software comes new set of parameters that have taken the level of Visual Effects subsequently up. My past couple of tutorials, I have been focusing on showing you people different kind of explosion techniques and how they can be easily done without the aid of Maxscript or using multiple sets of different software's along with Fume FX. (more…)