Thursday, December 14

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Sixth season of Total Drama under production

Sixth season of Total Drama under production

We all know by now  that  Total Drama is making a return. And now we have come to know what the sixth season of the series will be about. It has been learnt that the show is currently under production in Toronto under the name of Total Daycare Drama. Now, the question is whether the cast of Total Drama getting shrunken down for a Rugrats-esque adventure, or is it a sneaky diversion tactic? One may be aware of the fact that production titles are often temporary and get changed before the final release. In fact, Total Daycare Drama might just be a slight of hand from the crew at Fresh TV. It’s not uncommon for production titles to be purposely misleading, to prevent sleuths from digging up information that shouldn’t be public yet. For example, this year’s the Power Rangers film was list

Teletoon unveils new eps series in Fan Expo Canada

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Canadian animation net Teletoon’s Gotta Gotta See It campaign kicks off today at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto in support of the network’s fall season, which includes the return of acclaimed series Adventure Time, series premieres of Clarence, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Dr. Dimensionpants and Chop Chop Ninja, as well as new eps from a crop of returning series. (more…)