The power of Visualization!!


What is Visualization ?

  • Visualization leads to curiosity and Curiosity to leads to invention.
  • For e.g. if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t had visualized about talking long distance then we would have been still without our mobile phones. Today also we might had flying Pigeons.
  • And sometimes external forces help people to get an idea. Like for e.g. If that apple didn’t had fallen on Newton’s head he would have never realized that earth has gravitational force or earth is round.

 So while animating visualization is at-most important. If not visualizing then better pack your bag and go home, chill out and come back early in the morning. Early morning animations are the best.

 Visualization is one of those powerful tools which one needs to unlock before entering into creativity, you need to be passionate and patient at the same time. The best gift a man or woman can ever get so use it well.

 I have often seen people relying upon others creativity or visualization and they feel relieved that they don’t need to do anything much but actually they are digging their own grave. In the future the guy who is good at visualization will move ahead and the dependents will stay behind. So don’t be a dependent individual in an independent India.

 Best of luck for the visualization part.

 Happy animating.

Source: Arttoonz Studios