The SNOW QUEEN 2 3D Trailer Released

After The Snow Queen released in 2012, Wizart Animation is working on The Snow Queen 2: Snow King.  The 3D stereoscopic  animated feature was presented at the Berlin film market.

Watch The Snow Queen 2 trailer here under.

The Snow Queen (1)
Wizart Animation’s first feature, Snow Queen has grossed to date over $14 million box-office worldwide setting records for a Russian animated feature on international markets (and it was in stereoscopic 3D!).

The film has been released theatrically in Russia, Ukraine and CIS , Brazil, South Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Middle East, Baltic States, Poland, and Israel, and via strong home video and TV partnerships in France (with Universal – to date more than 13,000 DVD and Blu Rays sold), Germany, Turkey and the US.

Releases of Snow Queen are pending in Japan and ex-Yugoslavia countries. In the domestic US market Snow Queen was released by Vertical Entertainment through partnerships and with Walmart, Netflix, Redbox, leading pay TV platforms. As of January 2014, more than 100,000 DVDs have been sold.

Wizart Animation and Vertical Entertainment are in negotiations about Snow Queen 2 and a theatrical release may be in the cards.

ORM 1 400px

Wizart is extending the Snow Queen franchise with and Snow Queen 2: The Snow King, the sequel to the Snow Queen. The movie is produced by Timur Bekmambetov and set for theatrical release in Russia and CIS through Bazelevs Distribution in Winter 2014.

 The 3D movie will be produced in English and feature Hollywood star talent. Wizart invited Ned Lott as casting and voice director. Lott’s work has brought tremendous value to Miyazaki’s works internationally and he has worked extensively with Disney, Pixar and Warner Brothers. His latest credits include Zambezia, Khumba and the English version of the indy favorite, Ernest and Celestine.

The Story

After the Snow Queen is vanquished, our hero, a troll named Orm returns to his native Troll City and to a life of being a rank-and-file coal miner. The life of simple trolls is filled with hardships and injustices, and Orm wants out! A few strategic lies and he could be marrying the Princess and become the King of Trolls…

ORM 2 400px

But with each lie out of Orm’s mouth, the Snow King — Orm’s heartless reflection, which dreams of enveloping the world in a blanket of eternal frost — grows more powerful. In this extension of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale, The Snow Queen, we meet our old friends, Kai, Gerda, the weasel Luta, and, of course, the troll kingdom — featuring one rather ordinary princess, a band of bored soldiers, and one extraordinary love story of a king and his lost love… The sequel of the Snow Queen is scheduled for release in 2014.