Throwback Thursday : Graphiti Multimedia-from concept to completion

Graphiti logoToday, let us visit Graphiti Multimedia Pvt. Ltd, one of the oldest animation studio and production house in Mumbai.

Set up in 1995, Graphiti has gone on to build a niche for itself as a world class production house and animation studio.

The vision of Graphiti headed by Munjal Shroff is to engage, excite and entertain audiences of all ages.

 The studio is at the bleeding edge of media evolution and thus produces content from the smallest screen of cell phone to the largest format of Feature films and every medium in between.

Now for a freewheeling interview with Shroff.

Your studio is said to be one of the oldest in Mumbai. How old is Graphiti?

(smiles) Today, Graphiti is  22 years old.

 Tell us about your latest show and is made for which channel?

Well, our latest is Krish, Trish & Batliboy. I feel elated to inform that this particular show is being shown on Netflix these days.


Could you go back a little and tell us as to how have your earlier shows performed.

Frankly speaking, almost all our shows including KTB, Toyzania, Fido Xtreme, World of 00, Jadoo and AHBC have performed extremely well.

 Tell us about the number of awards that your studio has won?

Well, for 5 consecutive years we have won the RAPA award. To go into detail they are RAPA 31 All India award for best animation for best animation series J Bole Toh Jadoo, Indian Telly award for best visual effects for J Bole Toh Jadoo in 2005. In 2006, we again won the Indian Telly award, this time for best visual effects for best animated commercial of Kelloggs Nutrichamp & the galaxy in 2006. Then, at the Broadcast show of 2005, we lapped up the Seagate award for best 3D animated ad promo for Disney kitchen film and finally the RAPA award for best animation serial J Bole Toh Jadoo.

Ram Mohan

Coming back to animation, we see that a lot of animation serials are made but not one animated film. What could be the reason?

 See, most of the animated serials are patronized by children and not adults. But, when we come to films made in the animation format, it is the children who force their parents to go along with them to see such movies even if their parents do not want to see such movies. Frankly speaking, it is the mindset. I am sure that in the times to come, there will be a drastic change in the mindset to go and watch an animated film.

In the West, there are scores of channels that dish out animated stuff for pre-schoolers. Why not one in India?

 Our channels haven’t yet developed the taste to dish out animated stuff for pre-schoolers, There are many reasons why channels don’t come out with animated stuff for pre-schoolers. Here too, I am certain that in India too pre-scoolers will get to see animated stuff made for them sooner or later.

Besides your shows, which are the other shows that you like?

There are many among which I will name a few. They are Little Krishna, Chor Police, Motu Patlu, Chota Bheem among many others.

Aren’t you thinking of making a good animated film?

Right now, no. But yes, I do not rule out our chances to make one.

Tell us about Mr Ram Mohan?  

Well, this 76 year old animation stalwart who happens to be the Chairman and CEO of Graphiti has gone a bit immobile because of poor health.His sharp pencil and sharper wit have earned him international accolades over a career spanning fifty years. He was recently awarded the Padmashri Award, one of the highest National Award given by the Government of India for his outstanding contribution to the Animation Industry.


(to be continued next week in detail)