Wednesday, November 14

Tips to readers interested in becoming CG /VFX Artist?

Tips to readers interested in becoming CG /VFX Artist?

Just tips for becoming FX artist is not important. in order to become a complete filled professional artist follow the tips mentioned below and you’ll find yourself in new world.

To become a better CG / VFX Artist , it takes years of dedication, emery , time and passion. There are no shortcuts for it.

>Do a lot of research. Research your subject.
>Ask experts.
>Have conversation with friends and your seniors.
>Always ask question…make sure to note down your FAQ on doc file for future reference.
>Understand the procedure of software.
>Always study references.
>Practice your practice.
>Quality more important than quantity.
>Think big and start with small.
>Think Technically and work Creatively.
>Read the forum, be an active part of it.
>Attend CG festivals, have a conversation with peers and seniors.
>Always push forward, do a lot of hardwork and have patience.
>Understand Physics and Math principles.
>See the making of movies, breakdowns of VFX shots, read as much as you can about the >process and note down the points which may help you in your projects.
>Always have a backup plan ready to execute .
>Study the work of other artist .
>Looks for details missing in your projects, note them down and rectify in your next one.
>Breakdown your own work into core components and upload your work on website(s).
>Write down the details data on file.
>Break your file into multiple components and then start detailing your scene.
>Make your scene presentable.
>Pay attention to the quality in details.
>Experiment and express yourself.
>Try to document your work material.
>Always ask for HELP and CRITIQUES.
>Develop an original style.
>Be an eternal student, always willing to learn.
>Become an information junkie.
>You must think like a professional artist 100% all time.
>Your work is you idol.

— Vikas Nagolkar