Toon Boom Animation unveils its new brand


Toon Boom Animation, a world leader in animation and storyboard software, has unveiled its new brand and a new product namely Toon Boom Producer.

A company that innovates to help animation studios and artists produce what they envision, Toon Boom is evolving to provide new markets, studios, businesses, and artists with a broader portfolio of creative solutions to meet the demand for original animated content.

Toon Boom Producer is the highly anticipated addition to their award-winning line of products and is designed for animation studios and production companies working with Storyboard Pro and Harmony.

It is a web-based production tracking and digital asset management tool that dramatically improves workflow and communication throughout the entire animation pipeline.

“To ensure artistry meets efficiency, Toon Boom has solved the challenge of managing assets in the studio environment with Producer. We designed this production/asset management and tracking solution to seamlessly integrate with Harmony and Storyboard Pro and fit into all types of animation production pipelines including animated feature films, television series, and game projects,” said Francisco Del Cueto, CTO of Toon Boom Animation.

The animation studio has also expanded its online educational training portal to better prepare animators for career advancement. With self-paced training and journeys, animators gain hands-on experience that will better prepare them for a studio production environment.