Toon Goggles takes on the Mojicons


The first series of quirky new animation The Mojicons will soon be available on Toon Goggles, the premiere global on-demand destination for children and families.

The deal with Toon Goggles adds to the show’s global presence, with digital platforms and broadcasters across Greece, Turkey, MENA, South-East Asia, Portugal and Israel also on board.

“As soon as I saw The Mojicons, I knew it would be perfect fit for Toon Goggles,” says Toon Goggles CCO Lee Adams.

“Toon Goggles is a fantastic platform and full of great entertainment for kids – so we are delighted to have signed this agreement,” says Ink Global Director Claus Tømming. “It represents another step forward for what is becoming a very popular global show,” he added.

The Mojicons, which is represented worldwide by Ink Global, is a 3D series that reveals the behind-the-scenes world of the internet where the Mojicons live, the innumerable emoticons that grace our emails and text messages. Sadly, this zany bunch of condensed emotions are clueless about how the Web works!

When a mysterious digital villain steals the @ symbol, all electronic correspondence grinds to a halt. The Mojicons must undertake an awe-inspiring and dangerous quest to restore their system. Trouble is, they don’t know what their ‘system’ actually is!

Many a jaw will drop on both sides of the screen as the internet universe reveals its secrets to both the Mojicons and the kids watching their crazy adventures.