Tuesday, February 19

Trollhunters gets greenlight for second season


Netflix has announced that Guillermo Del Toro’s Trollhunters will be renewed for a second season, which will bring back the late and great Anton Yelchin as the titular Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr.

The 13 new episodes will follow the continuing adventures of young hero Jim as he quests into the Troll world to face the vicious leader of the Darklands, while his team works to maintain order in the human world.

Del Toro spoke with EW about season two, which is currently in production,“Well, we got very good news about how many people were watching the series, but we got confirmation that the next [13] episodes are a go. We’ve been working on a second season for a while now because we knew that if everything went right, we could proceed. We’re going to go ahead and now continue, rather than start, because we’ve been doing it for more than a year.”