Two animated productions of Turning Mecard announced in Korea


While the rest of the world is just getting a peek into Sono Kong and Choirock’s Turning Mecard franchise, its home land Korea is in awe of it.

The companies introduced a new twin set of animated productions to expand the series in 2017 and beyond at the Korea Character Licensing Fair in Seoul last weekend.

The new material adds to an already robust franchise consisting of a 52 episode first season, the 52 episode second series Turning Mecard W and the feature film Turning Mecard W: Revival of Black Mirror.

First in line is Turning Mecard R, a reboot of the franchise set to debut in September. Chan (or Jason, depending on where you live) and his friends are back in a brand new fully CG-animated adventure.

Sono Kong will manufacture a line of transforming remote controlled Mechanimal cars. The series will run for 26 12-minute episodes.

For those that prefer 2D animation, this new spinoff might be for them. Launching sometime later this year, Dinosaur Mecard is a completely different take on the formula.

The show will claim that dinosaurs haven’t actually been extinct for 65 million years, some just transformed into Mechanimals.