Ukrainian animated film ‘The Stolen Princess’ to hit Indian theatres on August 24


The Ukrainian film ‘The Stolen Princess’, which earlier this year broke that country’s all-time box office record for highest-grossing locally-produced film, is going to hit Indian theaters on August 24.

Indian film distributor Ultra Media & Entertainment Group plans to release the film in limited screens in Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat on Friday. However, it will be a staggered release, as it will be released in the Southern regions such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on August 31.

Besides English, the film will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Check out the trailer here:

Sushilkumar Agarwal, CEO, Ultra Media and Entertainment Group was quoted as saying from the Hindu Business Line, “It is very rare to see a non-studio animation movie releasing in India which is at par with a Hollywood studio in terms of animation quality, dubbing and content. This is one of the key reasons we decided to acquire the rights for India. We feel the film will resonate well with Indian family audiences because of the universal theme.”

The Stolen Princess, loosely based on the 19th-century fairytale Ruslan and Ludmila by Alexander Pushkin, was directed by Oleh Malamuzh and produced by Kiev-based Animagrad Animation Studio, a subsidiary of Film.UA.

Currently, Animagrad is working on a new feature film — Mavka, The Forest Song, which is scheduled to hit theatres in 2020.