Varmora Animation Independence Special

Varmora Animation wishes all a very Happy 68th Independence Day!

With an exciting video of their new animated series of Kiddyworld – the edutainment show for the kids between the age group of 2 to 5yrs. Understanding the today’s need of fast growing acutely smart kids & their interests in technology, Varmora Animation has created an Edutainment series for the kids where these kids not only get educated with the content they also get entertained while learning. This is demand of today’s parents who find it difficult to make their kids learn while they are busy with hectic schedule & growing exposure towards televisions / smart tv.

Speaking on the concept of Kiddyworld to CEO, Darshan Trivedi says “Today we cannot stop our kids from watching TV. It has a great exposure to our kids. So, why put in efforts to stop kids from watching TV instead make the shows so valuable that kids not only enjoy watching it but they also learn a lot from these. We can turn an Idiot Box to a Smart Box”.

Further to this, he says “Lets Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a Human Rights Culture in which Respect, Dignity & Equality become a Code of Living. This will be our role to Live up to the Dreams of 1947, & I wish one & all a very Happy Independence Day!”

Lets watch this video here & salute to the nation

Now we say that smartly put across concept & we would definitely love to see whats in store for the parents & kids when this shows goes on-air.