Varmora Calls For Orginal Content Distribution

After having successfully running its studio-school concept in education stream, Varmora Infotech is once again in news with new venture. Varmora Infotech have been running its studio-school in Ahmedabad & Mumbai, already changing the stride of wind in Animation Industry And is all set to start the studio in Ahmedabad. If this just wasn’t enough, Varmora has now launched a distribution company that will buy & sell the original home-grown animation content. Varmora is calling out for the studios & production houses that have ready-to-sell animated content for its distribution company. The content can be of any genre and of all age group both national as well as international projects. The content will be distributed on a national level through various mediums of marketing. Having a huge array of distribution network the group is looking confident to swamp off the market with any content they come across. The distribution company will not only take distribution of this content but will also take care of marketing & syndication by opening up licensing & merchandising opportunities in various industries along with its own group of companies. Varmora Group is spread-out in various industry viz. Tile Manufacturing, Plastic Home-ware & Furniture Products & Flex.

Speaking to Varmora Infotech’s CEO Mr.Darshan Trivedi & his take on this new venture, he states; “Varmora Group has always been the front-runner in all industry they stepped into & it’s the team strength that keeps us going & motivated to achieve our goals in a fast pace. Varmora Intends to do the same in the animation industry & change the current scenario.” Varmora Group has been into business since a decade & growing each passing year maximized turnover. The group headed by the young team of director’s aggressively works towards the growth & betterment of the industry.

With so much being said about the Animation Industry, this news definitely shows a new way in evolution of the industry extending all the support needed & bridging the gap of Indian Animation Industry!

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Source: Varmora Animations