VFX- Wizardry of the Movie-Fan streams…

FANBehind-the-scenes are unleashed, giving a thriving thrill to the audiences!  

The Realm of VFX is always known for making fascinating waves around the circuit of creativity. These creators decide the evolution of their creations, they don’t use ‘trial and error’ instead use dashes of ‘Volition and unflappable determination.’  

These untold wizards ensconced the Movie-Fan into the lap of luxury and registered million hearts under their belt.

Unleashing the VFX wizardry, the core and creative team of Fan has released the inner aspects of the movie, which brings in thrill and spells of the movie making.

The official video embarks on an enticing journey, allowing its stakeholders- Audiences to get to know the VFX charm and decipher the realities of the Movie.

 The following link will take you to the ground zero of the movie, and will demystify how the Movie metaphorized.

Check out the amazing visual effects behind ‘FAN’ by redchillies.vfx