Warner Bros. ties up with IMAX for VR experience of Justice League


Going by its new trailer, the upcoming Justice League movie looks very bad. In fact, it could be mistaken for its own parody film.

But, that’s not stopping Warner Bros. from exploring all possible media tie-ups to capitalise on what it hopes will be its success at the box office including using virtual reality.

The VR project Warner Bros. has planned for Justice League includes a series of original VR experiences, created in association with IMAX and with an exclusive first launch window in IMAX’s new VR centers.

In addition to a VR tie-up for Justice League itself, IMAX and Warner Bros. will also be creating unique VR features for Aquaman, and for a third disastrous DC comics movie, the name of which would be revealed later.

These will provide content fodder for IMAX’s VR Centres, the first of which launched in LA last January with five more planned for NYC, California, the UK and Shanghai. These are all pilot spots, designed to help IMAX refine the concept ahead of a broader rollout.