#WowWednesday: Meet Captain Vyom – India’s first on-screen sci-fi superhero


All those 90s kids out there? Remember Captain Vyom? For most of the kids nowadays, Iron-man or Spiderman might be the ultimate hero, but for the early kids, there was another hero who redefined Indian Television.

Not just Shaktimaan, but we also travelled across the universe chasing criminals with ‘Captain Vyom’s’ team of soldiers. Milind Soman might be enjoying a resurgence of sorts today – be it his freak for fitness or his wife, but for us, he was a hero even back then.

More than just the entertainment, it was a leap in Indian television standards. Most of us back then didn’t know anything about Star Wars but thankfully, Captain Vyom was there for us.

Captain Vyom was an Indian live-action superhero science fiction television series aired on DD National in 1998. It was directed by Ketan Mehta starring Milind Soman, Netra Raghuraman, Dino Morea, Rahul Bose and Tom Alter in pivotal roles.

Synopsis of the story:

By 2123, humans have conquered the solar system and established space stations on several planets. The earth is governed by World Government, headquartered at Delhi.

Captain Vyom (Milind Soman), a super soldier and the son of scientist Dr. Om Swaroop, is assigned by World Government and Vishwapramukh – the world President (Tom Alter) to capture the fugitives. He is unaware of his parents and considers himself an orphan. He was raised in a monastery in Ladakh and has acquired superpowers by training in Yoga.


Captain Vyom had captured the imagination of every child in the country who aspired to take off into a space voyage to the future. The superhero was shown as a space warrior, who is assigned the job of arresting 12 deadly criminals who escape the high-security prison in the ‘IO’. IO is located on the eighth moon of the planet Jupiter which gets dissembled after a meteor strike and its security system disables.

Forayed into comics…

Captain Vyom inspired a comic book series and has its own fan-art

The Captain Vyom comic book series was published by Diamond Comics in many Indian languages and in English.

Captain Vyom is an Indian comics series based on the Indian science fiction television serial of the same name which gained immense popularity during the late 1990s.

Back in a new avatar….

Mehta relaunched the popular 90s superhero show Captain Vyom starring Milind Soman, on digital platforms in 2016. Mehta and producer Deepa Sahi brought back India’s iconic and first-ever science fiction television series on superhero Captain Vyom alive on digital platforms.

The TV series pioneered the art of computer animation and visual effects in India.